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The world of business is very competitive, every company wants the edge over the other. 

This is not an impossible task and can be achieved in many ways. One of these being training. Your company profile can be greatly increased by recruiting and investing in the potential of your employees. Lewtay Training are committed to designing and delivering quality training required. With improved communication, motivation and business focus your employees will lead your business closer to your goals.

"Winning starts with Beginning." - Anonymous

We aim to bring to organisations, expert knowledge and the powerful tools and techniques of the business world to enhance the progression and development of our clients. Our ethos is to deliver high quality work for all our clients and to offer to them the skills and experiences of our committed, well trained, professional consultants.

"To become partner of choice for companies looking to add value to their business through the development of effective people practices"

Trish Allen-Janes

Managing Director

We have a large selection of development courses

Lewtay Training is a specialist training provider and offers apprenticeship programmes along with staff development courses...