Staff Development Courses

Why choose to develop staff?

For businesses, the quality of service they can provide to their clients relates directly to the time and effort they invest in their staff. 

This investment can give the employer a high level of payback:

  • Employee retention: your staff members will develop their skills and their loyalty to you and your company due to feeling valued and respected.
  • Staff morale: an environment that promotes learning and development creates a positive and motivated team.
  • Efficient practice and Job Competency: The more training you provide for your staff, the more efficient, confident and productive they will become in their roles.

How we can help

We offer multiple training courses and opportunities to help your staff develop.

Training Workshops

We are able to provide short informative workshops, each delivering a different learning point which will maintain the focus of your employees, particularly if held on a regular basis. Learning is taken step by step and the candidates are encouraged to make effective changes in the workplace after each session. These workshops are empowering and motivational, giving highly effective and long lasting results. This type of learning is particularly useful for staff with specific time scales for training. 
Any of courses can be modified to workshops.

Personal Coaching

We are able to provide personal one to one coaching in a range of areas including communication skills, presentation skills personal development techniques, motivational coaching, qualification advice, coaching and mentoring skills, personal impact awareness, negotiation skills, problem solving and selling skills.

Performance Assessment

We are able to design a job description or role profile, you would need to identify the skills required for that particular role. We can help identify specific employees to fit specific roles within your company. We can also help to design a set of standards for appraisal purposes. We can help you design and introduce clear measures and standards that relate to the roles carried out enabling management to discreetly and professionally assess staff.