End Point Assessment Training

End-Point Assessments are on the of the biggest changes to come in with the apprenticeship standard reforms. Learners will now have to complete an assessment at the end of the qualification, which is conducted by an independent End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). 

The new format of completion will be mandatory for any learners working to the new apprenticeship standards. This has a big impact to learners and assessor’s way of working. 

At Lewtay, we are looking to help Assessors gain the Level 3 End-Point Assessment Qualification that will support with their delivery of EPA (details below). This will also benefit you to gain work with any EPAO directly either permanently or independently.

Who is the workshop for?

  • Looking to expand your knowledge on End-Point Assessment
  • Wanting to become and Independent EPA
  • Anyone wanting to explore new opportunities as an EPA

Booking onto a workshop for the EPA Qualification

We have several opportunities across the country for you to get involved with our workshops to gain the EPA qualification.

  • Peterborough
  • Birmingham
  • London
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Bristol/Devon
If you are looking to register for one of the above dates or just looking for more information, then please get in touch on 01733 552 475.

Employment Opportunities

Following you gaining the End-Point Assessment Qualification this will improve your opportunities to work with any EPAO as an End-Point Assessor. It is a recognised qualification that will help you to work with them permanently or as an Independent EPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An End-Point Assessment is a final assessment that will takeplace at the end of a qualification to complete the apprenticeship and iscompulsory in all standards for completion.
  • Every apprenticeship will have a different method of delivery however each will have at least two different methods that need to be completed. More information will be provided by the Training Provider or the EPAO during the course.
  • The decision around which End Point Assessment Organisation delivers the final assessment sits with the Apprentices employer. In most situations’ employers will look for advice from the Training Provider as to which EPAO would be right for them before making a final decision.
  • There is not a set fee when it comes to the End-Point Assessment however there is a maximum fee that can potentially be charged, set to be up to 20% of the overall amount for the funding band. Every EPAO will set their own prices based on the course that is being delivered.
  • An agreement will need to be made between a training provider and the employer as to how this will be covered. 20% of the funding is retained to cover the costs of EPA however with some courses this may not cover the full cost of re-sits therefore it needs to be agreed who will cover this.